Bodega Gutiérrez Colosía
La tierra, el mar y el vino en una copa de fino





Description: Pale golden in colour, with a delicate almondry aroma, dry and light on the palate and aged under "flor" for at least three years.
Elaboration: Made by means biological ageing (action of flor yeast). The proximity of the wineries to the sea breeze impart a particular personality to the wine. 


Alcohol: 15°


Grapes: Palomino


IT MUST BE SERVED CHILLED - Biological wine.
Fino en rama - unfiltered




Description: This is an old wine that has the particularity of having both ageing processes. It was Fino during three years and then started the oxidation process for at least five years. 

Alcohol: 18°

Grapes: Palomino



Description: Initially dry, amber and mohagany in colour, with a strongly fragrant aroma as its name implies. Full bodied (nutty) with an aging of at least five years. 

Elaboration: Made through the oxidation ageing process.

Alcohol: 18°. 

Grapes: Palomino. 
Aperitif, Soups, Meats,...

Palo Cortado

Very Dry and Old

Description: It is a very old wine (more than 50 years old). It was Amontillado and then passed to age for many years in a quiet place of the winery. This is the Colosia's relic.

Grapes: Palomino



Description: Cream Sherry is an oloroso sweetened with rich Pedro Ximenez. Its colour is dark. Its aroma is round, crisp and velvety, being full bodied on the palate with an aging at least five years. 
Alcohol: 18°

Grapes: Palomino + Pedro Ximénez. 
Aperitif, Postry, Ice-Cream...

Moscatel Soleado


Description: Moscatel Soleado, sweet wine, dark in colour . Made from sunned Moscatel grapes through the traditional system called 'pasil' (sunned on sand).

Alcohol: 15°

Grapes: Moscatel

Pedro Ximénez

Very Sweet
Description: Pedro Ximénez , natural sweet wine , dark ruby in colour . Made from the partially fermented must of sunned Pedro Ximénez grapes.
Alcohol: 18°
Grapes: Pedro Ximénez.



Sherry vinegar

Vinegar from our wines raised in oak casks by the
traditional system of criaderas and soleras.

Sherry vinegar with Pedro Ximénez

Vinegar from our wines aged by the traditional system of
criaderas and soleras.
Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grape

Sherry reserve vinegar

Vinegar reserve from Sherry wine.
Specially selected and aged in oak vases.