Located in the banks of the Guadalete River which means "River of the Forgetfulness", lays the historic city of El Puerto de Santa María. Foundation of the city is attributed to an Athenian leader in the days of the Trojan War named Menesteo who upon his arrival at the banks of the river named it "The Port of Menesteo".
In the 13th century, King Alfonso El Sabio, conquered the city and renamed it with the Christian name of "Santa María del Puerto".

In the Middle Ages the economic activity of El Puerto de Santa María was primarily devoted to: fisheries, salt and wines; the latter yielding so many benefits that the Duke exempted this commercial activity from any taxes.

El Puerto de Santa María played a very important role in the discovery of America as the first voyage of Christopher Columbus was financed by the Duke of Medinacelli, Lord of El Puerto de Santa María. Following voyages to the Americas sailed from El Puerto de Santa María.
Likewise, the first World Map is attributed to Juan de la Cosa in 1500, a local of El Puerto de Santa María, Cartographer and Pilot of the Santa María Caravel.
Following the discovery of America, the wealth of the city increased by means of the commercial traffic established with the Indies and by the settlement of families of Cargadores and shipowners.
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